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Though its popularity diminished over the years, the Kota Stone is being revived by modern architects who value its capacity to withstand the ravages of Nature. Almost similar to the Kota Queen, Kota Calibrated comes in 4-side pre-polished, 2 x 2 size, fully ready to be laid without any processing at site. It has a color variation range between 20-30% and presents a segregate even lay especially since the edges are dressed for full thickness. What singles out Kota Calibrated is the gripping texture provided on one side of the slab for a firmer fix on the ground. Get the desired category of Kota Stone from the connoisseurs, Cochin Granites.

Mined in Kota / Ramganj Mandi, Rajasthan
Greenish blue with brown tinges and slight to moderate color variations
Polished and fine-grained
Antiqued, Leather, Lapothra 3D
Excellent for fast track commercial projects, wall / dado cladding, mezzanine floor
When you purchase such natural stones, quality and timely service is
very important. That’s why I chose Cochin Granites. Very good choice
of natural stones and granite.
I ordered Kota Queen from Cochin Granites for my new home. Their
product quality is exceptional. They also advise you on which category
is ideal for each room or wall.
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