Rs. 165 /Sq Ft
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  • Minimum order of 50 Sqft
  • Delivered in 1-3 Days
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  • Minimum order of 50 Sqft
  • Delivered in 1-3 Days

Transform your living space with a lavish spread of India’s inimitable Red Multicolor Granite, valued for its timeless beauty etched in varying shades of red, orange and charcoal black. With all the shimmer and sparkle of a brilliantly-cut gemstone, this stunningly beautiful natural stone is rock-hard, durable, scratch-proof, stain-proof and heat-resistant with a highly-reflective surface, rendering an almost sizzling fiery tone across flooring, countertops, backsplash, kitchen islands and landscape projects. Take your pick of the finest Red Multicolor Granite in a wide range of River-wash, Flamed, Antiqued or Leather finish from Cochin Granites.

Mined in Kanakpura, Karnataka
Reddish orange with charcoal black specks
Highly reflective with long-lasting luster
Antiqued, Leather, Flamed, Honed, Lapothra 3D
Ideal for exterior and interior use
“After we remodeled our living room with Red Multicolor granite, our neighbors are so impressed that they plan to install granite flooring for their homes. I have recommended Cochin Granites to all my friends and neighbors! ”
“Oh my God! Our kitchen looks stunning now with this Red Multicolor granite all across the floor and backsplash. We teamed it with teak wood cabinets and dark blue cushioned upholstery. It’s a magical ambiance. Thanks to the staff at Cochin Granites for their advice and timely installation. You guys rock!”
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